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The Best Red Blooms for Fighting the Winter Blues

While you adorn your home with festive harvest decor in the fall and deck the halls with Christmas cheer in the winter, be sure not to overlook bright, bold, and brilliant red flowers. During these gloomy seasons, don’t let the winter blues take over. Reinvigorate your space and mood with blooms that attract all of your senses, enhance your mood, and fit seamlessly into your seasonal decor. Here at Flowers & Fancies, the best florist in Baltimore, MD, we’re sharing and celebrating just a handful of our favorite red flowers that color our world this time of year.

Look to these beautiful red blooms to brighten your home for the holiday season


A symbol of radiant beauty, the tall and sturdy red amaryllis also represents strength and determination.


Simple yet striking, the red anemone symbolizes love.


Exotic and tropical, the red anthurium bloom represents happiness and hospitality.


A symbol of undying devotion, this daisy-like bloom is a popular flower in Greek mythology.


Soft, subtle, and pretty, the red carnation is a symbol of admiration.


Called the “Queen of Fall Flowers,” the red mum symbolizes joy and beauty.


A real statement flower, the red dahlia symbolizes commitment.

Gerbera Daisy

Bold and cheerful, it’s no surprise the red gerbera daisy is the 5th most popular bloom in the world.


The ultimate symbol of love and romance, the fragrant rose comes in a variety of red hues.


Not a flower but a bright red berry, winterberry (aka holly) is a symbol of winter and Christmas.

Why Is Red an Exciting Color Choice for Flowers?

Red is bold, warm, and proven to be the most attractive color to the human eye. Whether it’s the red crunchy leaves of autumn or red holly berries of winter, red surrounds us in more than home decor but in nature as well. It truly is a fascinating hue. While red is heavily associated with romantic feelings of love, passion, desire, and beauty, it also signifies danger, war, violence, and anger. Perhaps that’s why it has become known as “the color of extremes.” The same color hue that symbolizes the blood of Christ also represents the burning fires of Hell. Whatever the interpretation or context around the color red, it certainly captivates us and demands our attention.

  • Red is the first color infants can see and admire.
  • Statistics show that red is one of the most favored colors next to blue.
  • Red is internationally known as the color for “stop.”
  • In Western countries, when red and green are paired together, they symbolize the Christmas holiday.
  • Studies have shown that when women wear red, men become more attracted and even spend more money on a date.

This autumn and winter, skip the seasonal blues and opt for warm, rich, and inviting red floral arrangements. Red blooms will surely bring holiday cheer and make your spirits brighter.

What is the Red Christmas Flower Called?

We can’t talk about red flowers in fall and winter without discussing the most popular winter flower of them all – the poinsettia! A symbol of the Christmas season, these beautiful red and green winter plants represent cheer, joy, love, hope, and goodwill. With the proper care, you can enjoy your poinsettia all year long and watch it re-bloom each winter.

If you’re on a mission to enhance your space this season, between the harvest and holiday decor, make room for festive red blooms from Flowers & Fancies in Baltimore. With so much to offer and say, red flowers are ideal for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or office.

Vibrant red flowers