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Our Favorite Symbolic Blooms and Greens to Welcome New Neighbors

Getting new neighbors is always exciting. Before introducing yourself, you might wonder, “what are they like?”, “do you share the same hobbies?”, “are your kids the same age?”, “do they have pets?” and the list continues. Perhaps you already know who your new neighbor is; they could be an old friend or a new co-worker moving into town. Here at Flowers & Fancies, the best florist in Baltimore, we love greeting new neighbors with a warm welcome to make them feel right at home, and what better way to do so than with fresh flowers and houseplants? Take a look at some of our favorite symbolic blooms and greens that will make your new neighbor shine with happiness and gratitude.

A Warm Welcome to the Neighborhood


A beautiful flowering houseplant brings a balance of fresh, rejuvenating green and a pop of bright, cheerful color. Orchids have become a popular plant and are an ideal housewarming gesture. Select the perfect colored orchid to symbolize friendship and new beginnings (yellow), good fortune (green), or joy (pink).


Did you know that green plants are symbolic? For instance, the popular monstera plant represents longevity, honor, and respect in eastern cultures, making it a fantastic gesture for new neighbors. Green plants are a natural way to freshen up a room and created a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

Lucky Bamboo

If you are looking for a way to bring your new neighbor some good luck as they settle into their new home, perhaps a lucky bamboo plant will fit the bill. Of course, a lucky bamboo is said to bring good luck, but it also promotes peace, harmony, and happiness and offers an incredible aesthetic.

Peace Lily

When we think of the peace lily, our mind immediately transports us to the most zen, tranquil, peaceful, and calming thoughts and feelings. Peace lilies do an incredible job of making a house feel like a warm and cozy home. Their striking green leaves are rejuvenating and the white, delicate blooms offer comfort.


If a newly engaged or married couple is moving into your neighborhood, then peonies will be a marvelous housewarming bloom. Their delicate petals speak to many types of life changing events and commemorate love, joy, a happy marriage, goodwill, wealth, and good fortune. 


Big, bright, bold, and mood boosting, sunflowers are always a joyful flower to come home to. Imagine a sensational bouquet of welcoming sunflowers waiting in the kitchen, on the coffee table, or displayed on your nightstand, brining peace, happiness, and optimism into your day.

Stargazer Lilies

Like orchids, the significance and symbolism behind stargazer lilies rely on the color of their bold, daring, and exquisite petals. Yellow lilies represent joy, while pink lilies are said to bring abundance and prosperity. A mixed bouquet of lilies is a brilliant welcoming gift for new neighbors.


Blooming in the springtime, daffodils are symbols of new beginnings, which makes them ideal cheerful flowers for someone moving into a new home. Their unique, quirky, and trumpet-like appearance symbolizes chivalry or being courteous and thoughtful like a good neighbor.

Showing your hospitality to a new neighbor can be accomplished with a wide array of gifts, but there is something about fresh flowers and green plants that speak volumes. Symbolic flowers and plants that convey the perfect sentiment can always be found here at Flowers & Fancies

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