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Posted by Heather Evans on May 22, 2023 Uncategorized

Baby Names with Symbolism from the Wonderful World of Nature

Mother Nature is a source of infinite inspiration and beauty, from the mountains to the flowers and even baby and pet names. She is a testament to the power and majesty of the natural world, and her influence can be felt in every living thing. Naming your new baby or fur baby after a flower or botanical is like honoring the wonder and significance of Mother Nature herself. At Flowers & Fancies, the top florist in Baltimore, we have curated a list of the most symbolic and beautiful baby names inspired by the wonderful world around us. From modern names to something old and classic, whether masculine or feminine, you are sure to find the perfect moniker that celebrates nature and paves a lovely legacy for your little one.

Names Connected to Happiness

Step into the garden of joy with these vibrant, botanical-inspired names that are full of life and happiness. Sweet Pea, a name as delicate and fragrant as the bloom it’s inspired by is a fun and cute name for a girl or even your sweet fur baby. This name will surely sprinkle some extra sweetness into their life and yours. Clementine is another sunny name, whether reminiscent of the charmingly pale orange blossom or the delicious citrus fruit, which carries an infectious zest for life. It promises to fill your baby’s identity with a dose of cheerful energy. Finally, consider Asher — an earthy name borrowed from the mighty ash tree. This moniker, meaning “happy” in Hebrew, carries a sense of contentment and optimism that’s as sturdy as the tree itself. Choosing any of these nature-inspired names will surely plant seeds of positivity, joy, and optimism in your child’s personality.

Names to Symbolize Love

As you embrace your precious little one, a wave of love stronger than anything you’ve ever experienced tends to engulf you. This makes choosing a name that mirrors such a powerful emotion absolutely fitting. Rose, a name that’s as timeless as love itself, could be the perfect name for your daughter. Lily, a name that signifies purity and enduring love, could also be a budding contender. If you like them both, perhaps Lily Rose is your moniker of choice. For a baby boy’s name, Leif, meaning ‘heir,’ symbolizes the love and legacy that you pass down.

Names Linked to Beauty

The arrival of a newborn is a wondrous and beautiful event, and giving your child a name that embodies this awe-inspiring splendor as well as the allure they bring to the world is priceless. Daisy is a timeless and charming botanical name that signifies purity and loveliness. Calla, derived from the calla lily, translates to “stunning” in Greek. Jasmine is a flora-inspired epithet that means “divine present” in Persian and epitomizes poise and refinement. Of course, while all flowers delight all of our senses, especially sight, you cannot go wrong with your favorite bloom or a name that means “flower,” such as Flora (Latin), Fleur (French), or Hana (Japanese).

Names Signifying Strength

There’s a long lineup of names from nature that stand for being strong and resilient. Names taken from the hardiest flower or the tallest tree can help inspire your child to show courage, be brave, and keep on going no matter what. It can also pair well with the fearless attitude of your beloved furry friend. Names like Adler, from the adler tree, Asher, from the ash tree, Briar, from the briar plant, and Reed, from the reed plant all symbolize strength, protection, power, flexibility, and adaptation. Plus, there are beautiful flower names like Iris, Yarrow, and Zinnia that represent being strong, enduring, having faith, being courageous, and being resilient.

Names Representing Creativity

If you’re someone who loves being creative and stepping out of the ordinary, then the perfect name for your child will be something special and inspired by the creativity of nature. Take Poppy, for example. This name stands for imagination, creativity, and thinking differently. Dahlia and Marigold are two more floral names that mean creativity, style, and a real love for life. Lastly, if you’re after a more masculine name for your unique little one, consider Cosmo. This flower might be delicate, but its name carries a strong meaning and stands for inspiration and the endless possibilities of the universe.

At Flowers & Fancies, we believe that there is no better way to welcome a new little one into your life than with the beauty of flowers. They are a timeless symbol of growth, love, and new beginnings! Whether you choose to incorporate a floral element into your baby’s name or simply adorn your home with fresh blooms, honoring the natural world is a wonderful way to celebrate this precious moment.