Flowers & Fancies

Flowers & Fancies

Posted by Heather Evans on October 12, 2017 | Last Updated: May 23, 2022 Uncategorized

What’s Your Birth Flower?

We’ve all heard of birthstones and I’m sure you know what your gem is or maybe even wear it in your jewelry from time to time, but what about birth flowers? Yes, that is a thing! Now you will never run out of an idea for your special someone’s birthday. Discover your birth flower and what it means from our list below!

January – carnation, meaning you are nurturing, kind and motherly. Carnations are the second most popular commercially grown flower in the world (roses are still hold first place). This is due to their color variety and long lasting life span.

February – iris, meaning loyal and faithful. Years ago, men would give violets to women as a way of signifying that they would “always be there if needed.” How sweet!

March – daffodil, meaning CONFIDENCE. Daffodils have become highly synonymous with Spring and rebirth, meaning those of you born in March are great at adapting to new situations, hence the meaning of confidence to all of our March babies.

April – daisy, meaning innocent and pure. Their delicate white petals and precious yellow center makes them hard to resist!

May- lily of the valley, during times of happiness or celebrations, people gift lily of the valley, meaning May babies are incredibly happy, have bubbly personalities, and love a good party!

June- rose, meaning you have a lot of love to give! No flower in history has been as synonymous with love as the rose.

July- larkspur, meaning you love attention and anything grandeur! Fun fact – larkspur can grow up to FOUR feet tall, that’s only a foot shy of me!

August- gladiolus, meaning strength and integrity. Named from the Latin word “gladius,” meaning sword, people born in August are known for being strong like a sword.

September- aster, meaning you are prone to good luck. I wish this was my birth month!

October- marigold. meaning October babies are always shining. This fiery flower might be small, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in personality and color.

November- chrysanthemum, a powerful symbol of youth. Forever young!

December- holly, which holds a reputation as a protective flower that brings domestic happiness. So, December babies are known for their protective nature and homebody personality. (that’s me!)


Does your birth flower represent your personality?