As a popular Baltimore florist, we’ve seen the amazing results of sending flowers first hand. Here are 10 reasons why you should send flowers!

  1. It shows that you care. Sending flowers is the perfect way to express your sentiment. It shows that you’re thinking of someone and want them to know it!
  2. Flowers brighten any room. Having a beautiful arrangement is a great way to add a final touch to any room that they’re in.
  3. Turn that frown upside down. Flowers put everyone in a good mood! Seeing flowers and smelling floral scents can make people be in a better mood and feel less anxious.
  4. An arrangement is worth 1,000 words. There’s no need to explain your feelings if you’re not too good with words. Our flowers say it all!
  5. You can make it personal. Every arrangement is different! Your flower arrangement can be filled with whatever you’d like that’s in season and then made to your liking.
  6. It impresses people. You can expect others to think highly of you after doing such a thoughtful deed.
  7. Make a classic gesture. There’s a reason why people have been sending flowers to each other for decades. Sending flowers are considered as friendly and courteous gesture. It’s a way to let people know you’re thinking of them .
  8. People will think of you whenever they see it. Whenever someone looks at their new arrangement, you’ll be one of the first things that come to mind! Sending flowers are a good way to not be forgotten.
  9. Your action may be reciprocated. You may have inspired someone else to return the favor for your big occasion!
  10. Flowers & Fancies makes it easier than ever. We offer same-day throughout Baltimore and central Maryland 7 days a week! There are three ways to order: Call us at 410.653.0600, click here, or come in to order and let us “say it with flowers!”Lovely! 2