Flowers & Fancies

Flowers & Fancies

Posted by Heather Evans on August 20, 2018 | Last Updated: May 23, 2022 Uncategorized

Living Wall Art WITH PLANTS!

Winter is coming before we know it so it’s time to start dressing up the insides of our homes (since that’s where we will be spending most of our time in the coming months… like it or not). The easiest way to do this you ask? Wall hangers with plants!!!!!!!! These lush living wall art pieces overflowing with plants are the BEST way to accessorize your home or office with greenery. Bring color and life into your home during a season that can be somewhat dreary.

Ready to dress up indoors but don’t know what plants you should use? Here are our favorite 3 low maintenance and great looking options:

Succulents! You’ve heard us say it before and we will keep on saying it because they truly are easy AND trendy. You can use them in a wall planter or just sit them around in various places in your home. Personally, I keep a few in my bathroom.

Pothos. These little guys are almost impossible to kill. And better yet, they continue to grow and grow. We have a pothos at our home that has been handed down from family member to family member. It began as a small baby and is now trailing down a 7-foot high bookshelf.

Ivy.. Already begins with trails which makes it easy to fill in a larger area of your home or living wall decor. Not to mention the deep green color of ivy gives texture and color to your wall planter.

Still have more questions? Join us this Saturday, August 25th for our FREE workshop from 11 AM until noon to learn all about their possibilities! Workshop participants will receive 50% off their wall hanger if purchased on August 25th.