You may not initially think so, but every single day is filled with a reason to give… now, go! Make your loved one smile. It doesn’t have to be their birthday, your anniversary or because you messed up! Here are just a few..

– It’s Monday.
– You love them.
– Your appreciative them for all that they do.
– They’re having a bad day.
– You want to make them smile at work.
– They took the trash out without having to be asked.
– You’re feeling happy.
– It’s payday.
– You made them late.
– It’s the little things, really.
– They put up with your family (and you).
– They laugh at your bad jokes.
– Half birthdays deserve celebrating, too.
– They always go out of their way to help you or others.
– They changed your flat tire, no questions asked.
– They refused to let you pay for dinner and drinks last night.
– They “like” all your social media posts.
– You miss them, even if it’s only been a few hours.
– They support your diet and more importantly don’t support it when you want them to.
– They are always your designated driver.
– Life should be celebrated, every day.
– You’re both happy & healthy.