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Shop our elegant selection of berry and merlot-toned arrangements. Created from your trusted wedding experts in Baltimore, Flowers & Fancies.

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Choosing the Berries & Merlot Wedding Collection from Flowers & Fancies is a statement of bold elegance and sophisticated charm. This collection, with its deep, rich hues of merlot and accents of berry tones, creates a luxurious and intimate ambiance that's perfect for couples seeking a wedding with a touch of dramatic flair. The deep reds and purples in the Berries & Merlot Collection are reminiscent of a fine wine, evoking a sense of warmth and romance. This palette is versatile enough to complement a variety of wedding themes, from a cozy winter gathering to an opulent fall ceremony. The richness of these colors brings an air of regal sophistication, making every aspect of the wedding feel special and thoughtfully curated.

Flowers & Fancies’ expertise in floral artistry ensures that each arrangement in this collection is not just a bouquet or a centerpiece, but a piece of art. The combination of seasonal blooms, textured greens, and unique accents like berries and lush foliage results in a stunning visual impact. This collection is for those who dream of a wedding day filled with elegance, passion, and a touch of the extraordinary. Choosing Berries & Merlot means embracing a color story that is as deeply romantic as your own love story.

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