Novice Care

Favorites in Novice Care

Sending easy-to-care-for plants from Flowers & Fancies in Baltimore, Maryland, is the perfect way to bring a touch of greenery to someone's life without adding to their to-do list. These resilient plants are ideal for both the seasoned plant enthusiast and the busy or novice plant owner, offering a splash of nature's beauty that's both enduring and low maintenance.

Flowers & Fancies curates a selection of plants that are known for their hardiness and minimal care requirements. Options like the snake plant, pothos, and ZZ plant not only thrive on neglect but also purify the air, making them as functional as they are beautiful. These plants are forgiving of irregular watering and adaptable to a variety of lighting conditions, which is perfect for anyone with a hectic lifestyle or those who may lack a green thumb. Moreover, gifting plants from a local florist like Flowers & Fancies means you're providing a gift that keeps on giving. As the plant grows and flourishes, it serves as a constant reminder of the sender's thoughtfulness. Additionally, incorporating plants into one's living or working space has been shown to boost mood, increase creativity, and reduce stress, making them a truly beneficial and heartfelt gift. Choosing to send an easy-to-care-for plant is a considerate gesture that respects the recipient's time and space while also offering the warmth and life-affirming presence that only a living plant can provide. It's a way to show you care by giving a gift that adds beauty to their environment and the well-being to their daily life.

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