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Browse our extensive collection of casket interiors available in any color. We proudly offer same-day delivery to funeral homes in Baltimore and surrounding counties.

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We are honored to deliver to all funeral homes, cemeteries, and services in the Greater Baltimore area. An elegant last tribute.

Floral Casket Interiors from Flowers & Fancies offer a deeply personal and touching tribute to a loved one during funerals. These floral arrangements are carefully designed to adorn the inside of a casket, providing a final gesture of beauty, respect, and love. They are an integral part of the farewell, symbolizing the care and affection held for the departed. Crafting a floral casket interior involves selecting flowers that hold special meaning or were cherished by the departed. This could range from serene whites and soft pastels, symbolizing peace and purity, to vibrant hues reflecting the personality and life of the loved one. Popular choices often include roses for love and reverence, lilies for purity and renewal, and other meaningful blooms like forget-me-nots or the deceased's favorite flowers. The inclusion of these arrangements adds a layer of warmth and personalization to the service, creating a focal point of natural beauty that celebrates the life lived. Flowers & Fancies, with their expertise and sensitivity, ensures that each casket interior is designed with the utmost respect and consideration, acknowledging the importance of this final tribute.

In addition to their visual beauty, these floral arrangements can also provide comfort to grieving family and friends. They serve as a reminder of the cycle of life and the beauty that the departed brought into the world. Opting for a floral casket interior from Flowers & Fancies is a way to express love and honor in a deeply personal and profound manner, making the farewell ceremony even more meaningful and memorable.

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