Easter is Sunday, March 31st!

Favorites in Easter

Easter always falls on the Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. Or, 46 days after Lent.

Send vibrant spring flowers to help celebrate rebirth. 

Same-day and next-day delivery are available from your trusted local florist, Flowers & Fancies. 

Sending flowers for Easter from Flowers & Fancies is a delightful way to celebrate the season of renewal and joy. Easter, with its themes of rebirth and new beginnings, is perfectly complemented by the fresh beauty of spring flowers. As families gather and friends reconnect during this festive time, a bouquet or arrangement from Flowers & Fancies can add an extra touch of brightness and cheer.

The selections for Easter at Flowers & Fancies often include a range of spring favorites like tulips, daffodils, lilies, and hyacinths, each symbolizing different aspects of the season. Tulips, with their varied and vibrant colors, represent the arrival of spring, while daffodils are synonymous with new beginnings. Lilies, especially white ones, are a traditional Easter flower symbolizing hope and purity. Hyacinths, with their lovely fragrance and dense flower clusters, add a touch of playfulness and joy.

Sending these flowers is not just about the visual delight they offer; it’s also about bringing a piece of the springtime spirit into someone’s home. It's a thoughtful way to connect with loved ones, especially those you might not be able to visit in person. Flowers & Fancies, with their expertise in creating stunning arrangements and their commitment to quality, ensures that each bouquet captures the essence of Easter and the freshness of the season. Moreover, the convenience of choosing Flowers & Fancies for your Easter floral gifts means you can effortlessly bring a smile to someone’s face, even from afar. Their ability to craft arrangements that cater to different tastes and their reliable delivery service make them an excellent choice for holiday gifting.

Easter flowers from Flowers & Fancies can serve as a beautiful centerpiece for your Easter brunch, a charming gift to a host, or a warm gesture to family and friends. They are a symbol of the joy and beauty of the season, a way to share the spirit of Easter with those around you. Whether it’s through a bright and lively bouquet or a more subdued and elegant arrangement, these floral gifts are a perfect way to say 'Happy Easter' and to bring some of the beauty of spring into the lives of those you care about.

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