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A unique way to bond & build relationships.

Looking for a group activity that’s fun, relaxing, and safe? Then we can certainly help! Host a flower fun event with your family, friends, or co-workers with us at Flowers & Fancies! Everyone gets to enjoy the class together, you can choose our warehouse or from the comfort of her home! PLUS, you and your guests get to enjoy the serene, relaxing benefit home florals provide once the event is over!

Our private classes offer a fresh experience that will have everyone bonding in no time. Everyone will exercise their creative skillset while following live, real-time guidance and have fun doing it! Please know there is a 20 guest minimum to host a private class. 

Complete the form below to inquire for a private event that you're planning. Please complete all fields. Any information you can provide will be helpful for us to review your request and coordinate your event! We can't wait to design with you!

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