Statice Purple

Purple statice produces numerous clusters of small, densely-packed flowers that form atop sturdy, branching stems. The individual flowers are tiny, with papery petals that create a distinctive, star-shaped appearance. As the name suggests, the primary color of purple statice is shades of purple. The flowers can range from light lavender to deep violet.

Favorites in Statice Purple

Selecting Statice Purple from Flowers & Fancies is a delightful choice that encapsulates both joy and symbolism in your floral arrangements. These charming purple blossoms are more than just beautiful; they carry special meanings that can enhance the sentiment of your occasion.

Statice Purple symbolizes everlasting beauty and remembrance. Its name, derived from the Greek word "statikos," meaning 'to stand still,' signifies enduring love and fidelity. These lovely blooms are often included in bouquets for weddings and anniversaries, representing the enduring nature of love and commitment. Furthermore, the vibrant purple hue of Statice adds a pop of color and a sense of happiness to any arrangement. Purple is associated with creativity, luxury, and royalty, making it an excellent choice for celebrations and special moments.

Beyond symbolism, Statice Purple from Flowers & Fancies brings a touch of elegance and vibrancy to your floral creations, making them visually captivating and emotionally meaningful. It's a choice that not only pleases the eye but also conveys a heartfelt message of lasting love and joy.

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