Embrace the Summer heat by having tropical flowers around you – they are simply refreshing and hold a special place in every flower lovers heart. Do you know any tropical flower names? Don’t worry, we will cover them together!
This red beauty is called Leucospermum, but more commonly known as pincushion protea. Getting the nickname clearly by resembling the pin cushion ball our grandmother’s typically use. This stem available in oranges, redsĀ and yellows.
Up next, Birds of Paradise. It’s unusual shape and vibrant orange color make this a favorite tropical stem. Native to South Africa this stem is a must-see.
Ginger (top right), have a large cone-shaped bloom that symbolize strength and pride. There are several types of color and textured ginger – what’s your favorite variety?
Last but certainly not least, Anthirium. Displaying one large vibrant open bloom, it’s undeniably beautiful. They grow freely in Hawaii although they originated in Colombia. What’s your favorite tropical flower?