Flowers & Fancies

Flowers & Fancies

Posted by Heather Evans on April 13, 2018 | Last Updated: April 19, 2022 Uncategorized

PROMS Are Here!

We have enough experience to know that teenage girls plan their prom much like a wedding. From the hair to the make-up. From the jewelry to the dress. FINALLY to the flowers. By the time corsage and boutonniere planning comes into play everything else is set. Which should mean flowers are the easiest step? Well, not exactly.

There are so many questions that have to be answered in picking the perfect prom flowers.

-What color is the dress?

-What color is the tux?

-Should the flowers match the attire?

-Do I need flowers for every dance or just my senior year?

-Do the flowers have to match each other?

-What type of flowers come in the color I need?

-Do I have to have flowers?

-Is the corsage for the guy or girl?

-Is the boutonniere for the guy or girl?

-Is this too traditional?

-Can the corsage be worn somewhere other than the wrist?

-How do I pin the boutonniere on to the jacket?

The list just goes on… our answer? Keep it simple, don’t overthink it. Chances are you will take off your corsage or boutonniere by the time you start dancing anyway.

First things first – the corsage is for the female. Boutonniere for the male. Typically the corsage is a wrist, not pin-on since most dresses do not have any fabric on the shoulder area. If you’re worried about the color, get white flowers. You can always match the bow color to your dress or tie. We do not suggest (for prom, or ever) to spray or dye flowers to get an artificial color to match your dress or tie. Roses are the most popular flower with our clientele. They are classic and the perfect size for the corsage and boutonniere. Also, We do tend to agree that the flowers for prom are “traditional” which is why we’ve tried to take a new spin on them. We have transitioned into calling the traditional corsages “wearable” flowers. This eliminates the corsage stigma that they can only be worn on the wrist with an old-fashioned silver glitter “wristlet”. For the 2018 year we are we have begun to change the wristlet subtlety with introducing new cuff like bracelets. These are available in gold or silver and have a thick band that can be re-used as a single bracelet. Not only has the wristlet been updated but the flowers themselves are trendy, too. We have succulents instead of carnations. We have brassica balls instead of baby’s breath. We are headed in the right direction to make corsages and boutonnieres fun again!