Flowers & Fancies

Flowers & Fancies

Posted by Heather Evans on June 11, 2018 | Last Updated: April 19, 2022 Uncategorized

The Best THREE Ways To Decorate Your Space Just In Time For Summer!

Summer is fast approaching, which means you’ll be spending a lot of your time outdoors! So why not make your outside patio just as lush and inviting as inside of your home? Maybe you’re thinking you don’t have enough time.. well luck for you this DIY project is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. Chic containers.
  2. Plants.
  3. More plants!

And to make it even easier, we have everything you need in store! Stop in and meet with our dedicated sales team who has expertise in plants and plant décor. We will help guide you in the right direction for what plants will thrive in your specific environment and help you shop for the perfect containers to enhance your outdoor space.

We carry a wide variety of plants including but not limited to.. monstera plants, croton plants, dracaena (limelight, goldstar, etc.), aglaeonema, bromeliad, anthirium, succulents, cacti, snake plants, pony tail palms, pothos plants, foxtail ferns, violets, orchids, birds of paradise, arbicola, ZZ plants, staghorn fern, peace lily, kalanchoe, bamboo, palm plants, corn cane and more!

What are you waiting on? We are open seven days a week and can’t wait to help you!