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Posted by Heather Evans on September 6, 2023 Uncategorized

Spooky Flower Designs for Your Haunted House

When the calendar says it’s spooky season, it’s time to put on your favorite sweaters, create an inviting atmosphere with soft lighting, illuminate your favorite candles, binge Halloween movies, and turn your house into a haunted retreat with seasonal adornments and fresh floral arrangements. With a diverse assortment of fall flowers available at Flowers & Fancies, the leading flower shop in Owings Mills, Maryland, we’re here to help you discover the most chilling, unsettling, and eerie blooms that seamlessly harmonize with your spine-tingling theme. From dark and ominous color combinations to unexpected textures of the season – and let’s not overlook the eerie shapes and Halloween components – there are countless ways to assemble a bouquet that embodies a haunted ambiance, all without resorting to the conventional bright oranges and standard spookiness of Halloween.

Vase Choices

Selecting the right vase is essential to creating a spooky arrangement of fresh flowers. To get the perfect Halloween feel, consider using creepy cauldrons, jack-o-lanterns, fake skulls, or even vintage teapots to give your flowers a haunting look. Another option is to go for classic vases in shades such as gray, black, dark green, or a soft hue of a favorite fall color to achieve a seriously spooky effect.

Deep & Dark Colored Blooms

While spring and summertime flower arrangements often pop with bright pastels or vivid tones, haunted floral bouquets make dark blooms the focal point. Their eerie energy creates a mysterious atmosphere that’s fitting for Halloween. For example, deep purple calla lilies and black baccara roses add dark drama, while red amaranthus blossoms bring deep crimson tones to bouquets. Surprisingly, sunflowers are also a typical creepy bloom, though dressed in burgundy and black hues instead of their usual sunny yellow. All these flowers bring as much freshness as ghostliness to spooky season decor.

Light & Ghostly Colored Blooms

Another element that can create a spooky atmosphere during spooky season is the use of stark contrasts. While dark hues provide a dramatic touch, white flowers bring a ghostly vibe to the arrangement. White mums — we’re partial to spider mums because of their shape — white ranunculus, pale quicksand roses, and dusty miller can eerily enhance the darker blooms. Incorporating these white flowers with restraint into a tailored design can mimic the appearance of ghosts floating or dancing above grave markers.

Fall Accents

Simply using fresh flowers can elevate your spooky season decor, but enhancing it with fall accents will bring the spirit of autumn to life. Scabiosa pods and purple filler flowers make perfect partners for any fall arrangement of blooms and accents. Crafting branches into spine-chilling forms, introducing feathers as a tribute to blackbirds like ravens, and smartly incorporating dried floral pieces will create a genuine Halloween atmosphere and capture the haunting feeling of the season.

Halloween Elements

Now that you’ve created the perfect Halloween flower arrangement with statement flowers, accent blooms, and fall flourishes, it’s time to fashion the display surrounding it in your home. Start by identifying where you want it to be, whether it’s on a table, desk, mantel, or countertop. Surround it with classic Halloween decor like spiders, bats, skeleton hands, eyeballs, a witch’s spellbook, crystals, black cats, or other objects that scream spooky season. You can also put fun and eerie things directly into the bouquet for a creepy surprise. Finish it off with candles that provide flickering light and seasonal scents to top it all off.

Elevate your haunted mansion with a touch of mystique with fall floral compositions. By blending haunting dark hues with ethereal whites, and accenting them with seasonal details and iconic Halloween elements, your home will have an atmosphere of enchantment and intrigue. Elegance meets eeriness in fall floral arrangements from Flowers & Fancies.