With this week being employee appreciation week, we thought we’d offer some friendly advice – send flowers! We know you’ve heard us say it before… but really – this is the easiest most effective way to really show your gratitude. After all, these employees do help you make it through the year. Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in every day work that you forget to simply say “thanks” to those employees who make the extra effort, so now’s your chance! If you’re just not sure how to say “thanks”, we’ve picked some featured items that will be sure to wow your office superstars.

  1. “The Citrus” – A winner all-around. Bright colors. Gender neutral. Compact (making it perfect for a desk).
  2.  “Magnificent Mokaras” – We already said it, magnificent. Simple and stunning. Can’t go wrong here. 
  3.  “Colorburst” – Long-lasting assortment of flowers. Medium in size to show you really care. 
  4.  “Tropical Paradise”- A beautiful assortment of tropical plants. Something your staff can enjoy forever. 
  5.  “Blooming Azalea” – A vibrant blooming plant, perfect for welcoming warmer weather that is (hopefully)         coming our way.
  6.  “Simply Succulent” – Great for your employees who are on the trendy side. Everyone loves succulents! 
  7.   Oh, and not to mention the gift of quality time. What better way to team build then to join in our design      workshop?