Flowers & Fancies

Flowers & Fancies

Posted by Heather Evans on March 29, 2018 | Last Updated: May 24, 2022 Uncategorized

Discover A New Night Out!

Discover a new night out (that still includes wine)! The best night out, are the nights with friends and flowers! The registry has now opened for our May design workshop, with a focus on blooming plants. Perfect timing since the weather has FINALLY started to turn warm. Our wine and design class will be on Tuesday, May 1st from 6-8 PM. This is a great quality time gift for Mother’s Day (which is right around the corner).

May 1st will also be a great night to get all of your plant questions answered. Our plant experts, Kathy Serio (left) and Sandy Moore (right) will not only be teaching the class on how to design your very own blooming planter but will be available during and after for any plant-related questions. Always wanted to know what to do with your succulents after they start getting “leggy”. Want to make sure you are giving your spath enough water. Or need assurance your orchid plant is getting just enough light? You’ve come to the PERFECT class. Fun and informative.

This class has ended. Check out our upcoming classes here: