From custom casket sprays to lush dish gardens, intricate cremation rings to beautiful peace lily plants, our expert staff will create designs that truly reflect your vision and honor the memory of your loved one.  We will work directly with the funeral home to be sure your sentiment is delivered accurately and on time.


We service many funeral homes in the Central Maryland area including: Ambrose, Bailey, Barranco, Betts, Bradley Ashton Matthews, Brown, William C Brown, Bruzdzinksi, Burgee-Henss-Seitz, Burrier Queen, Clandle Light, Chatman-Harris, Chavis, Coompassion, Connelly, Cvach, Dabrowski, Daugherty, Donaldson, Douglas, Duda-Ruck, Eckhardt, Eline, Estep, Evans, Fellows, Gonce, Vaughn Green, Hardesty, Howell, Hubbard, Johnson, Jones, Kaczorowski, Kaufman, Kirkley, Latimore, Lassahn, Lasting Tributes, Lemmon, Sol Levinson, Lilly & Zeiler, Loring Byers, Loudon Park, Macnabb, March,  McCully, Miller Metropolitan, Miller Dippel, Mitchell Wiedefeld, Morton, Parker, Parkview, Peaceful Alternatives, Phillips, Redd, Reece, Ruck, Russ, Schimunek, Scruggs, Singleton, Skarda, Stallings, Stauffer's, Sterling, Ashton, Witzke, Stevens. Taylor, Weber, Witzke, Wylie, Zannino, Zeiler, Zumbrun and more.