This lush, trendy pothos is great for any home or office environment. You don't need to have a green thumb to let this beauty thrive. Indirect light and minimal water is all they need to just keep trailing!

trendy pothos blue wall with props baltimore delivery.jpg

Things you should know: Pothos plants can tolerate a wide range of conditions! Although they enjoy bright light, they are tolerant of low light. Be sure to let the soil dry out between waterings. Pothos can be grown in soil, or cuttings can be rooted in water. A word of caution - pothos are toxic to dogs and cats!
Approximate dimensions: 16" high by 17"wide.

Occasionally, substitutions of plants or containers may be necessary due to availability. If this is the case with your "Trendy Pothos", we will ensure that the style, theme and color scheme remains the same and will only substitute with items of equal or higher value.

Trendy Pothos





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