Our blooming azalea promises to be the prettiest new arrival in your loved one's home. Its lush blooms create a vibrant display inside a sleek ceramic pot, and will bring cheer for any festive occasion!

 Things you should know: Azaleas prefer bright, indirect light, with the ideal temperature range between 60-65 degrees F. Keep the soil evenly moist, being careful to not let the plant dry out. Adding humidity with a humidifier or by placing the pot on a tray filled with wet pebbles will keep your azalea happy! Approximate size: 15" high by 11" wide.

Occasionally, substitutions of plants or containers may be necessary due to availability. If this is the case with your "Blooming Azalea in Ceramic", we will ensure that the style, theme and color scheme remains the same and will only substitute with items of equal or higher value.

Azalea In Ceramic Pot

$40.00 - $55.00




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