Q: How much notice do you need before I place an order?

A: We require at least 2 weeks advance notice to honor the "bulk pricing". If you are looking for flowers closer than 2 weeks to your purchase date, we can certainly accommodate with regular over-the-counter pricing.

Q: Can I order colors or flowers that are not listed on your website?

A: Yes, with enough notice we can absolutely order you in any color or variety.

Q: What if I need less flowers than you offer in the bunch?

A: We offer flower purchases by the stem. You can order as many or as little of a flower that you may need. Pricing would be separate from our "bulk pricing".

Q: Will my flowers come hydrated?

A: Yes, your flowers will come in a bucket with water. Please still follow the care instructions to keep your flowers hydrated and looking their best once you're home!

Q: Will my flowers be ready for an event the next day?

A: You should allow a few days for your flowers to sit in room temperature and open if you would like them to be open for your event. Flowers you have delivered or pick up will appear small and closed until they are cut and hydrated and placed outside of our refrigeration.

Q: How late can I add to my initial pre-order?

A: Please call immediately if you need to make any changes to your order. Prices will increase the later the notice we receive.

Q: Can you deliver my flowers?

A: Yes, we can deliver your bulk flowers!