Flowers & Fancies

Flowers & Fancies

Posted by Heather Evans on June 11, 2018 | Last Updated: April 19, 2022 Uncategorized

We L O V E Orchids!

… which is why we were thrilled when the infield tents at Preakness 2018 chose to use them liberally! Check out some behind the scenes photos of our team and the process from the ordering to the storing to the designing to the install of Preakness 2018 – orchid edition.

First comes the math (ugh). How many containers and orchids will we need to fill all of the arrangements in all of the tents? We won’t go into too much detail because really, who likes math? So a HUGE thank you to Sandy and Eddie for sparing us all and handling this math headache, I mean equation!

Second, the delivery from the grower. We take much pride in our orchids which is why we exclusively orchid them in from New York. They are the best of the best. Half bloomed, half budded, these lush Phalaenopsis orchids are a must-have. Take a look for yourself!

Thirdly, the storing of the fragile orchids. Lucky for us we have recently added a new space for special occasions just like this one! We like to call it “the annex”. The annex is mainly used to house a lot of our event glassware and miscellaneous holiday décor. In this case, we got to you utilize the annex to additionally house, design and load the precious orchid arrangements.

Next up – the designing. A few of our team members were then stationed at the annex to focus and complete the orchid arrangements….. All 47 of them to be exact.

Almost there! We have made it to the second to last step! The loading/delivery.. Thank you Amanda for being the most organized of us all and making sure everything goes as planned!

And then FINALLY, the install. Ahhhhh.


And we’re off… and still going until way past dark! OUR TEAM IS THE BEST!