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Posted by Heather Evans on February 16, 2024 Uncategorized

Sending Flowers to Role Models Who’ve Inspired You on International Women’s Day

On March 8, International Women’s Day is all about celebrating the awesome women and allies who make your world brighter. We can’t think of a better way to do that than with fresh stems. While mimosa flowers are a classic choice for this occasion, you have so many options! Think peonies, tulips, and gerbera daisies – these blossoms are just right for saying “I appreciate you” to the supporters who uplift you. Grab your flower dictionary and choose colors that resonate with your feelings or embrace the traditional purple, green, and white shades of the occasion. Need a little extra help? Reach out to our team at Flowers & Fancies in Owings Mills, Maryland to help you celebrate IWD the right way.

Female Family Members

From the wisdom of our grandmothers to the nurturing love of our mothers, aunts, and sisters – these women have shaped our lives in countless ways. They’re the ultimate multitaskers, handling work, caregiving, and everything else thrown onto their plates. This International Women’s Day, show them some appreciation with a gorgeous bouquet designed just for them. It’s a beautiful gesture that recognizes their unwavering strength and dedication. And in today’s digital world, it’s the perfect way to send a hug and say, “You mean the world to us.”

Your Biggest Supporters

International Women’s Day is, of course, about honoring all women. However, it’s also a moment to high-five your awesome crew – spouses, relatives, and friends – who’ve been your champions 100 percent of the time. Gender aside, these supporters fueled your journey, cheered on your dreams, and helped you succeed. Allies fighting for women’s rights are game-changers in the battle to make the genders equal. Gifting flowers celebrates their support, expresses gratitude for their role in improving the world, and puts unity and inclusivity front and center.

Mentors and Teachers

All of us remember that one teacher or professor who was a total game-changer, whether it was the tenth-grade Spanish superstar or the university calculus genius. These folks brought their A-game to our classrooms and workshops, and that magic still lives within us. Sending some fresh blooms to your mentors on International Women’s Day is a rad way to show some love for all the knowledge and guidance they gave you. It also thanks them for having your back, helping you level up in life, and smashing through those barriers.

Inspiring Co-Workers

Give it up for your work crew on International Women’s Day this year! Those colleagues who grind beside you daily deserve some serious accolades. You all do your best every day, working hard from nine to five. Thanks to the long hours spent collaborating, some of our coworkers are like family. Mix things up by surprising your favorite team members with some fresh floral designs for their work spaces. It’s a thoughtful gesture that will make them feel super appreciated. The sweet scents and gorgeous colors will make everyone happier, healthier, and more productive — a bonus!


Ordering yourself a gorgeous floral arrangement on International Women’s Day isn’t just about the flowers; it’s an entire vibe. But let’s break it down: Those blossoms are proven to increase happiness, and you are more than worthy. Secondly, it shows the world that you know how to put you first, and that’s a major win. You’re not just sending yourself flowers; you’re telling everyone, “I know my value and I’m proud of who I am.” Treat yourself every year and set a date with the future you, an occasion to recognize your unique awesomeness.

The people who’ve had your back, offered a helping hand, and helped you level up deserve to be celebrated in style. They’ve been your hype squad, and a bouquet is a way of saying, “You’re a legend, and I appreciate you.” Let Flowers & Fancies spoil them just a little this International Women’s Day.

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