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Learn More About The Ulman House

The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults has been changing lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, as they fight cancer and embrace survivorship since 1996. Founded by the Ulman family after their son, Doug Ulman, was diagnosed with cancer during his sophomore year at Brown University the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults has worked tirelessly to give young people facing cancer the support and care that they deserve.

Through its various programs, the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults creates communities of support across the country. The 4K for Cancer program, which offers cross-country cycling and running journeys to young adults between the ages of 18 and 25, creates communities of support for the more than 200 communities they visit. Our Cancer to 5K program introduces or reintroduces, cancer survivors to physical activity by providing the training, encouragement, and support necessary to complete a 5K race with a community of amazing volunteers. Team Fight offers another way for people to come together to create a positive community and get active in the young adult cancer fight. And our National College Scholarship Program currently awards 30 scholarships a year to young adults affected by cancer across the US.

From the time of diagnosis, through treatment, and beyond, the Ulman Cancer Fund helps young adults and their loved ones fight cancer through various direct support programs and resources. Our Young Adults Patient Navigation Program works to improve the ability of young adults to manage their cancer experiences and long-term cancer survival through access to support resources tailored specifically to young adults. Currently, we have Patient Navigators in the following hospitals: Children’s National Medical CenterJohn Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center, Medstar Cancer Network and Walter Reed John P. Murtha Cancer Center. The Holiday Gift Drive collects, wraps and delivers hundreds of gifts to families battling cancer each year. Our Helping Others Fight program organizes volunteers to directly support local patients and their families by taking on household projects that fall by the wayside after a cancer diagnosis.

With a diverse offering of programs and activities for young adults and their loved ones, the Ulman Cancer Fund helps people live with, through, and beyond cancer. Starting in 2013, the Ulman Cancer Fund began offering quarterly activities for young adults survivors to foster peer support and connect them with each other outside of a traditional support group, or clinical, setting. UCF experiences, like Key To Keys or Point to Point, provide a platform for survivors and others impacted by cancer to give support, get support, and change lives.

Their fund is now building a house in Baltimore where patients can stay during their treatments. The house is set to open in early December. You can help them make this house feel like a home by donating here, 

Thank you for your help in advance!