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Flowers & Fancies

Posted by Heather Evans on December 13, 2023 Uncategorized

Cultivate Romance: Selecting Valentine’s Day Flowers and Plants He’ll Adore

Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love and appreciation for your partner; flowers are a timeless way to achieve that. Moreover, men enjoy receiving botanical gifts because they show him he’s recognized and loved. Flowers can also help men become better communicators, according to science, rendering this gesture even more powerful. At Flowers & Fancies in Owings Mills, Maryland, we’re revealing the finest gifts for the special man in your life this Valentine’s Day. We’ll help you find the perfect present that will convey your affection in the most beautiful way.

Green Houseplants

Green plants are an excellent Valentine’s Day gift for men for several reasons beyond aesthetic purposes. While taking care of a plant comes with responsibilities, it’s also an opportunity for a man to flex his nurturing muscles by providing it with light, water, and nutrition. As he sees the plant grow over the months and years, your gift will remind him of your relationship and how he takes care of it, too. Plants also have many health benefits, including decreased stress and anxiety, increased happiness, and purified breathing air. They also beautify any space, rounding out a host of appealing advantages.


One primary key to keeping a relationship healthy and flourishing is resilience, a quality that helps you stay strong in the face of adversity. Honor his tenacity with the gift of a succulent, a plant that’s an emblem of resilience thanks to its ability to thrive in challenging conditions. Conveniently, succulents don’t have high-maintenance care regimens, so he won’t have to do much to help your gift thrive. He can place it on his desk at work and be reminded of you whenever he admires its hearty greenery, an homage to the strength of your love.

Flowering Plants

One benefit of flowering plants is that they continue to live for weeks, months, or even years — long after the gifting occasion has passed. Some of them, notably orchids, will even rebloom if you follow their care instructions carefully; those new blossoms will remind your significant other that romantic love can bloom many times in life. Another benefit of orchids is that they make his space more serene, creating a refuge from the hustle and bustle of work and domestic duties. Such a gift shows that you care deeply for his health and happiness.

Bright Blooms

While a bouquet of fresh flowers may be a surprising gift for some men, the wide variety of blooms, colors, and symbolism give you a blank canvas you can customize just for him. Perhaps he has a favorite flower with deep sentimental value you can highlight in the arrangement, or he has expressed appreciation for blooms in a specific color. Since 60% of men would like to receive flowers, according to research, let this Valentine’s Day be the day you manifest that desire for him. Few gestures communicate your love, affection, and appreciation more, a universal truth across the globe.

Red Roses

Few flowers are more classic and universally loved as red roses, timeless symbols of romantic love. Their velvety petals and sweet fragrances can make those who receive a bouquet of these beauties feel loved and cherished beyond measure. Fortunately, men appreciate receiving red roses just as much as everyone else, thanks to their unparalleled beauty and significant symbolism. Red roses transcend gender and show your partner that you want his Valentine’s Day to be memorable, romantic, and a celebration of your unique bond. 

Presenting succulents, plants, or flowers to your significant other on Valentine’s Day is a meaningful gesture that can have lasting benefits. These natural elements can enhance his mood, reduce stress, and add tranquility to his surroundings. Reach out to Flowers & Fancies for assistance in choosing a botanical gift that conveys your affection.

60% of men would love to receive blooms