Flowers & Fancies

Flowers & Fancies

Posted by Heather Evans on October 15, 2018 | Last Updated: April 19, 2022 Uncategorized

“Together, There’s More We Can Do.”

“Rising To The Challenge” is a JHU campaign that focuses on 3 major topics – advancing, enriching and solving. Their slogan truly says it all, “together, there’s more we can do.”

Advancing through discovery and creativity. “Assemble the smartest and most dedicated people, give them the resources and facilities they need, and they’ll change the world. With this seemingly simple formula, the faculty and students of Johns Hopkins have produced unparalleled new knowledge in science and technology, public health and medicine, and the arts and humanities. With your support, we will invest in our faculty at the highest level in our history.” Enrich the student experience. “Johns Hopkins will always be a place where the best young minds can come to find their life’s work. Help us provide more scholarships and fellowships, and at the same time bring new richness to the student experience: more opportunities to interact with professors, to engage in independent research, to participate in internships, community-focused programs, and athletics, and to lead student organizations that apply classroom learning.” Solving global problems. “Across our campuses and schools, the faculty of Johns Hopkins have set their sights on complex global problems which we are exceptionally well positioned to take on – in water sustainability, individualized and global health, the revitalization of our cities, and understanding how we teach and learn. With your support we will foster the new cross-disciplinary approaches these and other problems will demand.”

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“It was AAA-MAZING last night. People were so complimentary on the floral design and how everything was so different and not the traditional JHU look. Congrats to your to you and your team. They were amazing last night too! Thanks for always being the “dream team!”” – A”Thank you for helping to make it a beautiful evening. Everything was perfect and so stunning. Everyone has been asking who did the flowers – your ears should be ringing!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!” – E