Flowers & Fancies

Flowers & Fancies

Posted by Heather Evans on March 30, 2018 | Last Updated: April 19, 2022 Uncategorized

Bring Your Home Or Office To LIFE!

We know it’s Spring and you’re looking at a lot of outdoor plants but don’t forget that you can freshen up the INSIDE of your home by adding plants, too. As part of this year’s Spring cleaning routine, maybe you could make room for one, two, or maybe even a few, houseplants. The guide below can help you decide on which plants to place in your home or office depending on the amount of light you have there.

If your home or office gets low light – consider these plants..

ZZ plant -In addition to not needing much light, they also don’t require too much maintenance, making them the perfect choice for those of you who don’t have too much extra time on their hands – all you have to do is remember to water.

Snake plants – Need very minimal light and when choosing where to place a snake plant, just remember that they prefer rather dry conditions.

Orchids – Are happy in low light conditions and room temperature. Consider placing your orchids in an eastern facing window. Use the leaf color to determine if they are receiving the amount of light they need.

If your home gets medium light – consider these plants..

African violets – The most common of indoor houseplants! Beautiful AND low maintenance.

Begonias – If you’re looking to add some color to the inside of your home, choose begonias. Begonia plants are extremely colorful and give a lush look with their blooms.

Ficus – For those who are more advanced when it comes to plants, the ficus is a great choice in a home or office with medium light levels. Ficus plants typically do best when their soil is left to dry for a few days before watering again. BUT don’t go too long before watering, since waiting could cause the plant’s leaves to fall.

If your home gets bright light – consider these plants..

Bonsai – Indoor bonsai typically require bright light to survive, with the best placement being somewhere that is exposed to sun in the morning and some shade in the afternoon.

Cacti & Succulents -Pretty obviously, cacti and succulent plants love direct sunlight. And they are trendy right now!

No matter which species you choose to go with, just the presence of an indoor plant can make your home seem that much more inviting all year round.