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"I live in another state and wanted to send my mother flowers. I ordered from F+F this morning and it was delivered to the house before even noon. I was shocked with the fast-paced delivery and not only was the delivery great but the flowers were immaculate! So happy I ordered with them ! I cant say enough great things about my experience."



"This place is so wonderful and receptive. I notified them of a slight typo in the card and they immediately offered to send another arrangement correcting the typo. Great customer service and beautiful flowers. Thanks again!"



"Great place. Very helpful and friendly staff."



"These people are awesome!  I gave them a wrong address for a delivery, and didn't realize it until about 3:45.  They sent another one out the same day and got it delivered by 5PM.  I didn't even have to ask!  Kristin - the advisor I dealt with - TOTALLY ROCKED!!!!  They've gained two new customers - me and the friend who received the flowers....which, according to my friend - were absolutely stunning!!"



"The flowers were absolutely beautiful for my daughters wedding!!  They did and awesome job."



"THIS. THIS is the place to get hard-to-find flowers and arrangements.  Bravo!!!"



"Extremely helpful customer service. Made a last minute delivery time change and they were delivered within the hour. Was very pleased!"



"Flowers & Fancies is simply the best.  No other florist comes close in terms of beautiful, creative and unique flower arrangements, and service."



"Great selection and service."



"As an out of state customer,  I was very impressed that between the call and delivery of a gorgeous flower arrangement to the door- was 2 hours total!!!  Very reliable and professional company!!!  Looking forward to use their services in the future!!!!"



"Made my mothers service beautiful!"



"These fine folks had my order delivered the same day and the flowers were VASTLY superior to any stores in the area! Stay with small business! BETH you are the best!!!!!"



"Excellent company! I ordered last-minute birthday flowers for my wife and they were delivered 5 hours later! I was worried it wouldn't arrive before my wife left work (leaving early for her birthday) but they made it! Very happy; I will definitely use this company again."



"My Grandpa passed suddenly this week and I wanted to send flowers to the funeral home, who gave me the name and number for Flowers and Fancies. I live very far away, and was unable to attend the service. Kristin couldn't have been a nicer person. After asking for a picture of the standing spray (in O's colors, of course), she assured me that she would send one upon delivery. The flowers were gorgeous, but even better was the excellent customer service. I ordered the arrangement within a day of needing delivery, and they were prompt and professional. Anyone in the Baltimore area should order from Flowers and Fancies."



"The flowers were beyond amazing and everyone LOVED them!!! We did all the planning over email, and they got it exactly right! Thanks, Flowers and Fancies! Love, ShareBaby, Inc. "



"Beautiful flowers! And the service is fantastic. Kristin is the best!"



"The most beautiful flowers and flower arrangements. They have caused busy nurses in hospitals to visit in the room and be friendly while coming to see the striking flowers. They have me spoiled such that most other flower arrangements are drab."



"Love being able to walk in same day!"



"Excellent service! Fast delivery and beautiful flowers."



"My boyfriend sent me the most beautiful flowers from Flowers and Fancies yesterday!  The flowers were fresh, bright and came in a really nice vase.   I had them sitting out on my desk at work and I received tons of compliments all day long about how stunning they are. For any guy looking to make someone feel special and very lucky, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ordering from Flowers & Fancies.  It will be something she'll never forget !"



"We have used Flowers & Fancies for everything from our wedding to the every day flowers that we get. Everything they do is terrific. The arrangements are beautiful and belong for the event and they last for what seems like forever. I am so used to their flowers lasting for weeks and I guess I took it for granted when I stupidly bought flowers from the grocery store once...ONCE!!! Never again will I ever make that mistake again. That you so much for just being the best."



"I used Flowers and Fancies for the 3rd time today, twice to the same person and she was overwhelmed by the flowers she received.  Everyone I spoke with was so kind and helpful.  And, even, when the product I ordered did not come in up to par (they get fresh everyday) Kristin called me to double check that it was ok to send something they were more happy with.  I am confident that anyplace else would have just sent them, or sent what they felt, not taken the time to call.  Not to mention, I ordered on line at 10pm, and they were delivered, after the phone call even, by 3pm the next day.  I never "Blog or review" on line, but in these times, it is very nice to receive phenomenal customer service, product, and value.  I, personally, will never use any other company for flower services."



"I had a special birthday that I wanted to send flowers to my girlfriend.  Eddie came up with the idea to deliver her not one, but four sets of flowers every two hours through out the day.  It was spectacular!  They are very easy to work with and the staff there is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.  Highly recommend them for all occasions.  Thanks again Eddie you made that day fantastic."



"I have used F and F numerous times and found the quality exceptional and the staff helpful and friendly!"