Flowers & Fancies

Flowers & Fancies

Posted by Heather Evans on August 16, 2018 | Last Updated: April 19, 2022 Uncategorized

Upgrade Your Romance Level With This Fun Flower Idea!

Maybe you just started a relationship with someone new or maybe you’ve been in the same perfect relationship for many years. Either way, we know you’re always looking for ways to spice things up for you and your partner. Let’s face it, all woman (and most men) love a romantic partner. It shows that you care and that you’re putting real effort in after all of the years. For new relationships, it shows you are willing to go the extra mile to make them smile. It could be a special occasion, it could be just because.. it really doesn’t matter because this little trick will win you brownie points all over the board!

Naturally, when you think of gifting flowers you think of picking up a fresh seasonal bouquet or maybe even of sending a delivery to their office. Maybe you’ve sent roses, because that’s what everyone does. Maybe you’ve sent daisies because you sent them once before and it went over well. Maybe you’ve sent them peonies because it was used in your wedding.  But let us help you think outside of the box. Do you truly know their FAVORITE flower? I’m betting your answer is no. Then let’s play a game!

Here’s how it works: get your special someone thinking of their favorite flower but DO NOT let them tell you. Try to guess – with buying them flowers! Maybe your first guess is gerbera daisies. Stop at your local shop and bring your sweetie home a few stems of gerbs! If you were wrong, ask for a small clue of what the flower looks like. Stop by the shop and try again! Keep it going until you get it right or get enough clues to actually figure it out! It’s a great way to spoil your special someone with flowers and learn a fun fact about them!