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The Ultimate Guide to Embracing Hygge During the Holidays

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us once more. With cheer, joy, and excitement everywhere you look, you might also spot chaos in crowded stores, preparation for holiday dinners, parties, and houseguests, end-of-the-year goals, and of course, snow-filled roads. This time of year, it is critical to embrace hygge! If you aren’t familiar with hygge, think of it as a Danish art form for finding peace, comfort, gratitude, love, laughter, and connection in our everyday lives. Here at Flowers & Fancies, the top florist in Baltimore, we love filling our lives with hygge all winter long and are sharing seven ways in which you can bring more hygge into your life, too.

Seven Steps to Hygge 

Beautiful poinsettia on wooden table in living room, space for text. Traditional Christmas flower

Start With Your Environment 

To experience hygge, give your home a little TLC this holiday season. Reorganize your space, ditch the clutter, and donate items that don’t bring you joy or peace. Then, decorate with cozy items, festive decorations, amazing scented candles, soft lighting, and cozy textures, like fuzzy blankets and pillows. Create the most refreshing, inviting, and welcoming space this winter by displaying seasonal flowers like amaryllis, poinsettias, roses, hydrangeas, and magnolias. It’s the best way to bring home a bit of natural beauty. 

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Get Comfortable 

A space that feels extra comfy and cozy is just waiting to be enjoyed. Before plopping down in a bed of marshmallow-like blankets and pillows, put on your favorite loungewear and the softest socks you can find. Feeling your most comfortable and relaxed will help you further unwind, find peace, let go of the outside world, and truly be present in the moment.  

Christmas Dessert. Snowman Cupcakes

Take Time to Enjoy Your Favorite Meals & Goodies

Holiday meals and seasonal sweets fill our bellies, warm our souls, and feed our hearts. Experiencing hygge through your favorite treats, especially if a loved one thoughtfully made them, is easy. Be mindful and present, taste each flavor, be grateful for the season’s delicacies, and show yourself grace as you allow yourself to indulge with friends and family. From apple pie and Christmas cookies to specialty coffee and hot cocoa, this time of year is bursting with the loveliest of goodies.

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Indulge in a Relaxing Hobby

Dedicate a few hours or even an entire day to diving back into some old hobbies that once brought you great joy and bliss. Experiencing hygge in life’s little moments can also come from creating them yourself. For example, open the book you have yet to finish, make a homemade holiday gift for someone, knit yourself a scarf, build a beautiful puzzle that allows you to escape the real world, or simply “Netflix and chill.” However you choose to spend this “me time,” be sure to quiet the distractions that stir up stress or disrupt your peace so you can invite more hygge into the season. 

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Head Outside & Observe Nature

Experiencing hygge also comes from connecting with nature and observing your surroundings, even in the colder winter months. Take a few moments to step outside and breathe in the fresh, crisp air. Leave your phone at home, slow down, be present, and find peace in the nature around you. Take a stroll through your neighborhood, search for wildflowers, tend to your greenhouse or garden, get the family involved and build a snowman together, or visit your local florist for a new seasonal arrangement to bring home. 

A large family are all helping serve Christmas dinner.

Spend Time with Friends & Family

It isn’t always easy to prioritize presence over presents during the holiday season. However, on your quest to experience hygge, make it a point to silence the seasonal craziness while spending quality time with the ones you love. Whether you host a dinner party, bake cookies with friends, or decorate the house with family while admiring nostalgic Christmas tree ornaments or decorations, enjoy the company of friends and family without any distractions.  

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Be Present

Choose to be mindful during this season of joy and all winter long. Be sure to put away your laptop, silence your phone, and soak up every special moment while you shop for gifts, cook and bake, eat your favorite meal or treat, take a stroll, connect with friends and family, or bask in some much needed “me time.” Being present is the best and most beautiful way to find hygge during the holidays.

It’s true that you cannot purchase the feeling or art of hygge. Instead, look to things that offer comfort, encourage you to be present, bring peace, and offer connection to loved ones. Wonderful winter blooms and outstanding seasonal arrangements from Flowers & Fancies are a great way to bring hygge into your home for the holidays. Send a festive bouquet to loved ones and admire the season’s beauty from all angles. 

How to create hygge for the holidays