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Posted by Heather Evans on January 25, 2023 Uncategorized

Surprise All Your Loved Ones with a Sentimental Valentine’s Day Gift

Whether it’s your siblings, parents, grandparents, or significant other, many of us are blessed to be surrounded by people who love us. As Valentine’s Day draws near, it’s time to celebrate our loved ones, even your family. While a romantic evening with your partner is certainly a wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day, let’s not forget those who have always loved us unconditionally. From pastels and delicate petals to bold and hardy blooms, learn from the experts at Flowers & Fancies, the top florist in Baltimore, which flowers are best for all the loves of your life this Valentine’s Day.

Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Day Sentiment

Gifts for Your Father or Grandfather

Gifting your dad or granddad a tie, coffee mug, or golf accessories for Valentine’s Day is a predictable gesture, although thoughtful, nonetheless. But, if you really want to brighten their day, warm their hearts, and shout, “I love you,” consider sending the men in your life a collection of hardy stems, like chrysanthemums, sunflowers, or gerbera daisies. After all, guys love and appreciate Mother Nature’s colorful gifts just as much as women do.

Gifts for Your Mother or Grandmother

Although your mom and grandmom might be receiving romantic red roses from their partners, they also deserve an elegant bouquet from you! Pink, white, and lavender blooms are the best colors to represent their perfection, elegance, refinement, gentleness, and thoughtfulness, as well as your appreciation. You can also turn to carnations to symbolize a mother’s (or grandmother’s) undying love for their child.

Gifts for Your Brother

Instead of dainty blooms for your brother, gift him a plant bursting with positivity and energy for his home or office. Vibrant birds of paradise, orchids, peace lilies, and succulents are sure to be a home run. Blooming plants and colorful succulents are long-lasting, rejuvenating, and promote a healthy lifestyle. Celebrate your sibling love this Valentine’s Day and remind him you’ll always have his back just like he has yours.

Gifts for Your Sister

Choosing a sweet and delicate bouquet for your sister this Valentine’s Day can be an easy task since there are so many blooms to choose from. Alstroemeria, roses, daisies, and anemones are lovely places to start. If you are hoping to send your sister something truly meaningful or symbolic, ask about peach or yellow flowers. These floral hues signify positivity, friendship, appreciation, sincerity, and the like.

Gifts for Your Partner

Red roses for your sweetheart are the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift that says “I love you” with passion and romance. Let the fire burn bigger and brighter by including even more romantic stems like lilies, which symbolize grace, passion, femininity, and passion, and white roses, to signify loyalty, elegance, and purity. For the final thoughtful touch, include a gift alongside flowers to enhance the romance and spoil your significant other.

Flowers allow us to speak a universal language that anyone can understand, no matter the occasion. Selecting just the right blooms can start with color, price point, symbolism, or simply what captures your attention or reminds you of your loved one. This Valentine’s Day, let your friends at Flowers & Fancies in Baltimore help say “I love you” to your entire family.