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Flowers & Fancies

Posted by Heather Evans on June 7, 2024 | Last Updated: June 11, 2024 Uncategorized

Sending Your Heartfelt Message to Loved Ones with Fresh Blooms: Flower Colors Decoded

Let the flowers do the talking — sometimes they say it best! Whether you’re expressing gratitude on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, showing adoration on Grandparent’s Day, or just brightening the day of your chosen family or siblings (you know, those amazing folks in your life), the right floral shades can deliver a powerful message. And let’s not forget our fur babies, who completely own our hearts! At Flowers & Fancies in Owings Mills, Maryland, we’re sharing our savvy blooming guide to help you pick fresh, colorful stems that shout out your most beloved family members.

Pink Petals for Moms & Grandmoms

Think of pink flowers as your comfiest, favorite blanket — they make you feel wrapped up in a warm hug. They’re ideal for expressing “I can’t thank you enough” or “I love you bunches” to the seriously wonderful women who’ve never failed to be your rocks. Posh peonies represent luck and prosperity, while soft pink roses signify joy, admiration, and appreciation. Oh, and those blooming carnations? They reflect a mother’s never-ending, unconditional love for her children. So perfect!

Purple Blooms for Dads & Granddads

Purple flowers have a certain royal elegance that we love — dignified and noble, they remind us of our incredible grandpas and dads. They stand for admiration and respect, making them a super on-point choice for your father figure’s arrangement. Purple orchids are bound to add a majestic beauty to the mix, while nostalgic lilacs have a fragrance that stuns. Finally, irises (ambassadors of courage and wisdom) bring the love in a way any father will appreciate.

Green & Blue Flowers for Brothers & Honorary Bros

Blue and green blossoms are a tribute to peace, tranquility, devoted loyalty, and dependability — just right for the brothers (both blood and honorary) who support you without question, no matter what! Blue hydrangeas are a super smart choice for a chill and calming effect. If you want flowers that bring in fresh energy, select green chrysanthemums (symbols of friendship and trust). For something different to finish off, include the unique, rugged charm of blue thistle, which we love.

Peach Stems for Sisters & Honorary Sis

Peach flowers have a nurturing and soft charm that brings the best vibes to our hearts — which totally reminds us of the bond we share with our sisters and honorary sisters. This trendy and popular shade also reps sincerity and thankfulness. For an extra sweet touch, go for cute alstroemeria (symbols of friendship) to bring in a playful energy, or plush ranunculus with their posh and layered look. If your sis prefers traditional elegance, a bouquet of tulips will be just right.

Orange & White Flowers for Your Furry Fam

Show some love to your furry family members with an arrangement of white and orange blooms, symbolizing joy, purity, excitement, and innocence — everything your pets embody! When creating this adorable bouquet, be sure to choose options that are non-toxic to animals. Fun orange gerbera daisies are an especially great choice, as are elegant white snapdragons — they’re both totally safe (and look great together). This combo is a great reminder of the positivity and sweetness your pets make you feel.

Flowers have their own special language, and now you’re fluent! Use these color tips from Flowers & Fancies to send your family the perfect floral message, filled with love, appreciation, and all the right feels.

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