Q: How far out should you book a florist?

A: 6-12 months out is average. This doesn’t mean that if your wedding is closer or farther away that you shouldn’t get in touch. We are always happy to check our availability and schedule an appointment. Some popular dates, like around Thanksgiving, or key weekend dates in May and June book more quickly, so as soon as you have your date, feel free to reach out.

Q: How many weddings do you do a week?

A: It depends on the size and location of each wedding. It fluctuates throughout the year and we always make sure that each and every wedding has the full attention of the consultant and the set up and design team.

Q: Where do you get your flowers?

A: We have growers and farms that we have relationships with from all over the world. We work directly with the farms so we know the consistent quality on which we depend on your behalf. These farms are located in South America, Holland, Central America, Ecuador, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, as well as local farms in Maryland and the East Coast.

Q: What is an average budget for wedding flowers?

A: There really is no average budget since all weddings are unique. Industry standards suggest 10% of your total budget, but the final pricing will depend on the style, type and amount of flowers that you want. It’s good to have an idea of what you want to budget for flowers  before you come in so we can guide you in the right direction.

Q: Who will deliver and set up my flowers?

A: We have a team of set up experts that will arrive at designated times and set up your flowers. We coordinate your schedule with the ceremony venue, the photographer, the caterers, as well as other vendors working on your wedding. Flowers for photographs may go to a hotel or a home, while your ceremony flowers may be at one location, and your reception at another. We will know what, where and what time to coordinate each delivery.

Q: What is your service area?

A: We design weddings throughout Central Maryland including all of Baltimore and all surrounding counties.