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DIY design a vase arrangement

Supplies You"ll Need:




raffia wire

rose scraper

Gather The Flowers

2 hydrangea

2 peonies

6 roses

3 spray roses

2 queen anne's lace

5 cornflower


What To Do

Clean all of the leaves and bruised petals from your flower stems. Using the rose scraper exclusively for the roses to spare you from cuts from the thorns! Cut a piece of raffia wire about 2 inches in length, this will be used to hold the hydrangea base together. Cut any excess raffia wire you may have after you've secured the hydrangea together. Take your two hydrangea and massage the petals to give the illusion that they are one huge bloom. Take your raffia wire piece and tie tightly around the two hydrangea stems, to create one. Add water to vase. Cut the hydrangea stems to the height of the vase and place in the vase. Next, place your peonies into the hydrangea base. Then, add the roses, spray roses, queen anne's lace, cornflower, and ferns in the same manner. Helpful hint: sporadically place all of the different floral stems in the hydrangea base so your finished product is a nice mixture of all of the beautiful colors. Helpful hint: cut most of the flowers the same height as the vase for this particular style, but leave the queen anne's lace and fern a little bit longer to add some texture.