The broad, lush, green leaves of the Japonica Fatsia, an evergreen tropical typically planted as a hardy outdoor specimen, can be enjoyed indoors year 'round! Paired in a sleek ceramic container, this gorgeous specimen adds a bold, green statement to any location!

6in japonica in white ceramic blue wall BALTIMORE DELIVERY.jpg

Things You Should Know: Japonicas do well in bright, indirect light, but foliage can burn if placed where the leaves receive direct sun for more than a few hours. Water when the soil is 50%-75% dry; don't allow soil to completely dry out. Keep away from cold drafts, and prune back if the plant gets too tall. Approximate size: 18" high x 15" wide.

Occasionally, substitutions of plants or containers may be necessary due to availability. If this is the case with your "Japonica in Ceramic", we will ensure that the style, theme and color scheme remains the same and will only substitute with items of equal or higher value.


Japonica in Ceramic





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