Learn all the tips to keep your cactus looking its best.



Water – Water only when the soil has dried out from the last watering, which you can check by pressing your finger into the soil; the soil is dry if no soil particles cling to your finger when you remove it. For some cacti, you might need to water weekly, while for others, watering every two to three weeks is all that's needed.

Light – While the amount of light should be your first consideration when placing your cacti, temperature and humidity also play a role in the success of your houseplant. Most cacti like the low humidity and warm temps indoors, but tropical cacti prefer a bit more humidity. Place those cacti on a tray with pebbles that you keep constantly wet so the air around the plant stays humid. Avoid placing tropical cacti near heating vents.

Set plant on a saucer or dish to protect furniture from water.